When & Wear

When & Wear is an online boutique that aspires to contribute to the success of professional women by providing versatile and stylish fashion that enhances their unique style, eases their transitions from day to night, and allows them to be ready for anything that comes their way…whenever, wherever!


The Opportunity

When & Wear was a start-up company that sought the expertise of ATC Int’l in efforts to create a brand image that would appeal to professional, working women. It hoped to better understand its audience, their needs and its potential as a brand in the market.

The client had an idea of a name that she wanted to consider, however was open to suggestions in naming her new business.


Our research uncovered that the ideal market for a boutique of this caliber were professional women ages 27 – 45, who were likely to invest in the quality clothing that would be curated and sold. We found that this audience most valued, high quality and convenience, for their busy schedules versus younger women who were less likely to afford the clothing and would typically opt for more affordable brands like Forever 21.


The clients desire to appeal to age group 25-30
The client’s initial name choice
The client’s vision of the brand image – similar to the likes of ZARA


Our strategy was to create a brand that appealed to the audience we identified. We identified the characteristics of the brand as feminine, edgy, carefree and rhythmic. We wanted the brand to speak to the modern professional woman’s ability to navigate through her busy agenda without missing a beat.
This required fun and light imagery, colors and messaging.
As a result, an effectively defined and articulated brand was developed, value proposition that included versatility, convenience, and quality, while expressing carefree, yet powerful feminine energy.

Narrative/Story – Copyrighting
“When & Wear aspires to contribute to the success of the professional woman by providing versatile and stylish fashion that enhances her unique style, eases her transition from day to night, and allows her to be ready for anything that comes their way.

The modern professional woman’s daily work flow is as unique as her alluring curves and beauty, each day marked with intention, unpredictability and a fast-moving ball, transitioning her from hour to hour, and day to day.
Yet, she didn’t come to play!

Whether attending a parent-teacher conference, partner meeting or getting drinks with the girls, without missing a beat, she seizes each day, never compromising style nor grace, only asking “When & Where?”. This is her magic!
Beyond the adornment of her style and grace, she carries an unfathomable amount of drive, fortitude and confidence that energizes her ability to pursue and manifest her dreams, building and inspiring along the way. No matter the feat. No matter the circumstance. This is her power!”


Naming, Logo, Colors and Tagline
In determining the best name, we took into consideration the needs of the audience – urgency, convenience, versatility without compromising style and quality. As a differentiator, we wanted to combine the client’s desire for something edgy with a light, fun and adventurous image. An image that spoke to the “magic” that these women displayed as they tackled their busy agendas: Powerful yet Effortless! Thus, the birth of When & Wear and tag line “Ready for Whenever, Wherever!”

We developed an identity that embodies the brand’s personality, which is characterized as chic, fun, feminine and approachable. The colors are simple, a combination of warm and bold conveying a sense of confidence and edge, which is central to the When & Wear brand. The logo script expresses femininity and movement.


Photography and Promotional video
In efforts to keep with the powerful yet carefree essence of the brand and fitting to its name, we proposed a photoshoot that showcased all products using one model who embodied both characteristics effectively. The photoshoot was shot in more than 10 locations in the city of Houston.
The video showed the versatility of one outfit, throughout a busy day’s agenda and the professional woman’s ability to navigate it with ease and without missing a beat.
Furthermore, we proposed a campaign/Portrait Series called “Behind the Wear” which would feature real stories of women who fit the audience profiles identified via video. We captured 5 professional women in video alongside the owner, in conversation about their profession and who they were behind the clothes, as well as captured them each alone in interview style segments. The Portrait Series is an ongoing account of different women and their stories and their journeys as professional women today.
This approach allowed us to not only gather additional information about the needs of these women, but also created a platform for engagement and community.


Business Card and Post Card Design
We created a chic business card, yet bold in color. This approach kept with the feminine and powerful characteristics of the brand.

The brochure design had the look and feel of a postcard, as a play on the When and Wear of the boutique name. The imagery was vibrant and fun, yet clean and professional.