Goldyn Applle

Goldyn Applle TM is an interactive clothing line that celebrates the expression of individuality, passion, diversity, connectivity and action.
Goldyn Applle’s TM mission is to use relevant fashion to inspire young adults to dream out-loud, to move in purpose, and to be an inspiration to others through their actions and stories.


The Opportunity

Goldyn Applle TM is a special project that came to us as a then 11 year old girl’s dream to use fashion to inspire other young adults. Her vision was to create an enterprise, that comprised of inspirational graphic tees, an active wear line, and future subsidiaries.
The client sought our expertise to create a brand identity and platform for both Goldyn Applle TM and its subsidiary that would offer active wear.



The client initially approached us with a pre-designed logo that appealed to a younger audience, eliminated the male market and somewhat pigeon holed the growth potential of the brand. We expressed the need for a logo that aligned with a brand created for growth.


The client’s initial desire was to create and launch the umbrella brand Goldyn Applle TM and its subsidiary simultaneously. We expressed concern with that approach and suggested a more methodical approach that would take more time, however would solidify a more sound foundation for growing the brand.


As the umbrella company, Goldyn Applle TM would offer inspirational Tee’s via an online store. In our efforts to transform Goldyn Applle TM into a Passion Brand, we suggested the brand as an interactive clothing line, creating an experience and movement.



When approaching the creation of the Goldyn Applle TM brand we were challenged to think of the brand through and through …the inevitable evolution of not only Goldyn Applle TM as a brand…the clothing line and its subsidiaries, but the evolution of Goldyn as a growing young lady, future leader and catalyst for inspiration in others. Our thinking was…they should grow together, one not surpassing the other.

We thought the best way to accomplish this was to create the brand so that it embodies Goldyn as the catalyst…the ONE to pass along her experience, her knowledge, her passion, her talents, her zeal for life, her legacy, therefore, the brand image had to be neutral and modern. Something that could appeal to young adults, ages 8 – 18.

More simply, we thought to create a look that was simple and clean, not too heavy or busy, neither affected by age nor gender…timeless. A look and feel that was relevant and that could certainly be appreciated by the age group Goldyn Applle TM is aiming to appeal to. Simple in colors and shapes. A design that could be applied to all applications: T-shirts, Jewelry, bags, etc. A design that could easily be translated into future lines.
Furthermore, we wanted to identify a way to differentiate Goldyn Applle TM from any of its competition, something that would set it apart outside of its apparel and quality thereof. We decided to create an interactive clothing line – in every respect!


Naming, Logo, Colors and Tagline
Goldyn Applle’s TM name was already provided by the client. The young brand owner’s name is in fact Goldyn, and she as often nicknamed ‘Apple Head’. Applle’s spelling was simply an effort to uniquely differentiate it from other brands with similar names.
The logo was creatively and strategically designed to create and embody the authentic essence of the brand. The circle represents the continuous dynamics of change. It also symbolizes individuality and the uniqueness that is in every girl and boy. No two apples are the same, nor should they expect to be.
The design was created with one continuous line that evolved to a circle – with loops and turns that form the infinity symbol and an open end that represents continuous growth. The leaf represents a literal representation of an apple as well as growth. It also shows that we are all part of something bigger.
The seed represents new beginnings, opportunities and the very thing that is unique and special in each of us. It also represents the best part of us worth sharing.
The tagline is the epitome of the brand. It Only Takes One. It expresses both a call to action, a statement of purpose and inspires a movement.


Narrative/Story – Copyrighting
Every child wants to be part of something bigger than themselves. Goldyn Applle TM represents the opportunity to be part of something bigger…
Goldyn Applle TM recognizes that in every young girl and boy, there is an individual, unique seed that grows exponentially and infinitely when passion and purpose are pursued and fulfilled, producing [yielding] many, many beautiful fruits of all colors, shapes and sizes.
The question isn’t how many seeds are in an apple, rather how many applles are in a seed.

Goldyn Applle TM is an ongoing initiative for ATC Int’l, as we are in the process of further developing the extension of the brand. We maintain an ongoing relationship with Vixen Company as their Brand Partner and Strategist.
Stay tuned for more developments!